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Providing clean, custom work to the New Bern area for over 10 years.


Lucky Street Tattoo has been providing clean, custom artwork to the New Bern area for over 10 years. Here we strive for the best, having artists available for all styles from portraits to traditional tattoos. 

We do accept walk-ins, however it is based on artist availability. 

We do NOT provide piercings and/or sell piercing products. 


Meet the Team

Meet all of our staff here at Lucky Street Tattoo. Appointments for each artist can be made by stopping by the shop, filling out an appointment form, or emailing

To speak to an artist directly, use the contact info below the artist or set up a consultation. 


Tattoo Artist

Brandy Baxter

Brandy Baxter is a local born and raised artist who enjoys tattooing neotraditional styles as well as full color and water color pieces. She has an Associates in Fine Arts and has had work displayed in multiple galleries downtown. Brandy has also had artwork featured in the T.V. series "Sleepy Hollow". To see more of her work, click below!

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Tattoo Artist

Troy Frankum

Troy has been tattooing at Lucky Street Tattoo for over 10 years. With a background in portrait drawing and comic book art, Troy has transitioned his talents into black and gray realism, and traditional Japanese styles. While being one of the main artists in the area for the past decade, Troy has become accomplished in many other tattooing styles and is a great overall artist. He also runs a mens group for people returning home incarceration that meets weekly. To see more of his work, click below!

Life After Incarceration:

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Owner & Tattoo Artist

Marc Fairchild

Marc Fairchild is the founder and owner of Lucky Street Tattoo with over 30 years of experience in the tattoo industry. Marc specializes in traditional Japanese tattoos and has been featured on the cover of Skin Art Magazine. He is also the host of multiple tattoo conventions across the east coast, including the famous Atlantic City Tattoo Expo. Marc is not currently taking new clients. 

    Sunshine Photo.jpeg

    Professional Door Greeter & Shop Manager


    Sunshine is our door greeter and shop manager. She loves treats, attention, and naps in the sun. Feel free to give her some love when you come in, just keep in mind she is old and deaf. 


      Tattoo Artist 

      Kailyn Byers  

      Kailyn is our youngest tattoo artist at just 23 years old. She has been tattooing for 5 years and enjoys tattooing a variety of styles/subjects including floral designs, mandalas, watercolor, and neotraditional designs. Kailyn has a Bachelor's in Graphic Design from NC State University. To see more of her work, click below!

      Kailyn is currently booking for April - June! She does travel, to see her current schedule/more info visit her site below. 

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      Tattoo Apprentice

      Josh Wilkinson

      Josh is our newest member who is apprenticing under Troy.  An artist that started at the age of two with an early love for comic books and cartoons. All the while trying to find ways to bring those styles to a more mature audience. Originally from Maryland and after a brief time in Savannah, found his way to NC. Some other heavy influences include graffiti, toy design, video games & many other nerdy things. Also very detail oriented even when dealing with more simplistic styles. To see more of his work click below!

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      Receptionist & Convention Assistant

      Hannah Venerable

      Hannah is our shop receptionist and convention assistant. She will be the one to assist you with booking/scheduling, check out, and any questions you may have. If you participate in the annual Atlantic City Tattoo Expo she will also be assisting with applications and booths. 

        Lindsey Green, Google Reviews

        “Troy does amazing work he did my biggest tattoo of an elephant poppies dandelion bird silouettes and more than stands for a journey ive been through. It looks so very real and now brandy a new addition is apprenticing there and ive known her previously and she is amazing herself! They are clean sanitary and respectful!"
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